The hit show, Loyal-T, is a Caribbean crime drama series created by Robenson Lauvince and produced by Clearshot Entertainment.

  • LOYAL T - Episode 10 (LET'S MAKE A DEAL)

    With everyone turning their back on him, Travis turns to his passion for a way out, while searching for Carl will lead Detrix to a place that he avoided for years. And Gary's new secret mission reunites him with his past life. Meanwhile, in the city, the rival gangs' Zig and Slim set for an unexp...

  • LOYAL-T - Episode 9 (LOST AND FOUND)

    As Vincent and Malia reconnected, Travis and Detrix quarreled over the missing bag. Meanwhile, Shannon is helping Walter to get his plan moving forward. But slowly Gary's relationship with Captain Santiago is softening up.


    Malia and his friends are putting their plan into action to get Travis out of jail, while Gary discovers that his son's troubles are far worse than he believes.


    In Jail, Travis recounter his life with Julia as Malia and Detrix regroup at Veronica's house to come out with a plan; in the end, Slim old habit is catching up to him. Nonetheless, he's determined to find the boy.

  • LOYAL -T - Episode 6 (THAT'S HIM)

    Facing disciplinary action, detective Wilson will have to choose between his son or career. Meanwhile, under the invitation of his girlfriend Julie, Travis attempts a fundraiser event. Still, he finds himself in some more trouble when Malia will finally reveal to him what happened that night at M...

  • LOYAL-T - Episode 5 (BREAK UP TO MAKE UP)

    Detective Gary breaks all the institutional protocol to find his son; meanwhile, Shannon has just gotten promoted at the bank as her friendship with Walter is growing. Finally, in the eyes of great danger, Slim and his goons visit Zig at the barbershop to set the record straight; Despite their di...

  • LOYAL-T - Episode 4 (A MEANS TO AN END)

    When Travis and Malia miraculously make it out of the warehouse, their torment has just begun as Slim is looking for them in every nook and cranny of the city. At the same time, Junior goes to his best friend Carl with the bag. Little do they know their action comes with a great price!

  • LOYAL-T - Episode 3 (SAFE AND SOUND)

    Hark back in time. Malia disagrees with her mother's choice while Travis is copping with his mom's sickness, as Gary bears the bad news to his wife, Shannon.

  • LOYAL-T - Episode 2 (IT'S ALL GONE)

    Shannon (Gary's wife) reconnects with a longtime childhood friend from high school, and as Zig is searching for his cousin (Anthony), Slim's drug operation is running smoothly. In the mid-time, Malia and her best friend Travis hunt the street of Miami in the hope of making enough money to help he...

  • LOYAL-T - Episode 1 (ALL RISE)

    After her mother has been convicted of murder, A morosely Malia feels responsible for her
    mother's (Marie-Lisa) fate and vows to change things around. Meanwhile, Detective Gary Wilson
    surprisingly learns about his son's (Junior) behavior in school.