• Gamechangers LIVE®️

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    Gamechangers LIVE® highlights leaders who have been “Gamechangers” in their field and have impacted the lives of thousands, to get their perspective on their journey, their mindset, their struggles, and successes, so that we may inspire YOU on your journey.

  • Chercher L'Artiste

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  • Open House
    2 seasons

    Open House

    2 seasons

    Open House is a weekly show hosted by The Nice Agent. He will be visiting houses and mansions in construction or finished, sharing tricks how to buy and where to buy houses.

  • Madan Toutou

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    Madan Toutou is a weekly skit produced by Caro Vieux. She is Toutou's wife but we never see the face of Toutou but she has a kid with him and always talking to him. She shares all of her problems, drama and happiness with us.

  • Vil-La Show

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    Entertainment show that airs Haitian and Caribbean music videos, artist interviews, and reports on special concerts/music events.

  • HANA
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    13 items

    The HANA Show is about informing the community about health issues, educate the viewers how to build a healthy lifestyle.

  • Girls Night Out

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    Girls Night Out is a team of ladies who hold interviews on various lifestyle topics such as: music, fashion, and some celeb interviews. They go out to various entertainment events like concerts and nightclubs, and the show also has a well known relationship with host Keiza Noble who gives free ad...

  • Island Vibes

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    Island Vibes is a mix of the top, new Hip-Hop and African vibes, hosted by Miss Rocket Roger. Rocket Roger showcases the best new music videos for a "10-Videos Countdown" segment. This is a high-energy hour with a focus on fashion, music, and trend-setting music and entertainment news and gossip.

  • HaiTeen
    63 items


    63 items

    A teen show where they can express themselves and invite specials guests, with Nael and Pops.

  • Hot Spot
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    Hot Spot

    70 items

    Hot Spot is a weekly cultural show hosted by Nelka Faedra Fortune. Each episode will feature an artist to talk about their life and activities.

  • Destinée
    1 season


    1 season

    Destinée: Love, Deception, Happiness, Drama, Failure--all part of the daily lives of the families featured in this TV series. Intriguing and Unpredictable. Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat! You will simply not get enough of Destinée!

  • 5 Sur 5
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    5 Sur 5

    79 items

    Entertainment show, featuring Afro-Caribbean artist interviews, and coverage of events and concerts. 5 Sur 5 keeps you updated on everything happening in the Afro-Caribbean Entertainment world.

  • Island TV Special

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    Island TV Special is an "Island TV Original" programming. Each episode brings you something different: documentaries, concerts, events--any special happenings in the Caribbean communities.

  • Mizik Tan Lontan

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    Muzik Tan Lontan is a compilation of old songs Kompa, Zouk, Reggae, African, and more, for the music lovers.

  • Music Nation

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    Rhythm reunites us all; whether you are from Haiti, Jamaica, Africa, the States, or anywhere else, you will enjoy this music video show, which features big artists that you won’t always find on American TV. Dance to Caribbean and African beats through this show, hosted by Haitian celebrity singer...

  • Nostalgie
    38 items


    38 items

    A half-hour compilation of classic French music from the 1980s. It is well-known that Haitians are crazy about classic French songs. If you are one of those, this program is for YOU! Nostalgie is intended solely entertainment purposes and the promotion of its featured artists.

  • That's What I'm Saying

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    "That's What I'm Saying" is a dose of Hip Hop, Entertainment news, dating, social issues from a "sometimes ratchet" but mostly woke perspective!

  • VideoCast
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    28 items

    Compilation of Caribbean music videos, including Compas, Zouk, Afro, and Reggae. Only the "Best of the Best"!